Monday, August 13, 2012

Moving Homes? You Need a Checklist.

Waiting at KLIA
Waiting at KLIA (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)

Whether your moves takes you across town or across the country, making the move as smooth as possible will be your goal. The following tips will assist you in accomplishing this:

Give yourself enough time
It is recommended you schedule your move at least one month in advance. Eighty percent of all moving is done between May and September, so plan ahead and schedule accordingly.

Keep those receipts
Many moving expenses are tax deductible, so keep your receipts in a safe, easy to access place. You'll want to consult with your tax advisor, or you can call the IRS and request publication 521: Tax Information On Moving Expenses.

Change of address
Your local post office offers free change of address kits. The packet includes change-of-address cards to notify magazine publishers, creditors, organizations, insurance and medical companies, etc. You also will find an address forwarding card so the post office will have instructions on where to forward your mail.

Cancel your utilities
Be sure and cancel your telephone, water, sewer, garbage, electric and any other utilities. Call the same day to order your new service for your new location. Be sure your utilities are turned on before you move in, as you will want to use your vacuum, dishwasher, etc. as soon as you begin moving in your belongings.

Leaving the area?
You'll want to gather all your family's personal records. Call ahead and ask for your medical records, dental records, school transcripts, legal documents, etc. Don't forget to empty your safety deposit box.

Many thanks for William M. Cross Realty for this handy checklist. If you're ever moving out the the New York area, and are searching for Syracuse real estate, you better take a look at what they have to offer!